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Ganges Boys

This photo was undated in our Ganges archive, but probably dates from about 1971. However, the players are identified and the caption reads as follows - 16 Mess, Drake: JRO John Heaton, JEM Derek Hollies, Maurice Hogden, JEM David Allen, J Stwd Martin Newsome, J Asst Ck Ian Haldon - Ed.
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Each month Pussers Rum are offering to courier a bottle of their finest tipple to the writer of our top letter. This month's winner is: Mike Smith for being the youngest Boy to come forward so far - we think he'll be old enough to drink it by now... MIKE'S LETTER
Sorry Bill, but my date of birth is 4 December 1939 and I joined the RN on 10 November 1954, so I was 14 years, 11 months and 6 days old.
After HMS Ganges training I joined HMS Diamond and in January or February 1956 went out to the Med for nine months, or so we thought.
President Nasser had other ideas for keeping us out there longer with the Suez crisis. With this all taking place on 6 November 1956, I was still a boy seaman and still only 16 years old, so does that make me the youngest boy seaman to serve in a conflict?
I am sure Navy News readers will let me know otherwise!

Mike Smith
Marshland Marime Museum
Kings Lynn

HMS Defender 1964

Here are a couple of photos of the

Cliff Pantrey
The handsome 1 badge PO on the left > >

Click on pictures to view full size (Webmaster)
HMS Defender 1964

HMS Defender

In this e-mail I have attached two photos of the old Defender (D114), She is just entering Pompey at the end of her last commission and as you will no doubt notice she is flying the decommissioning pennant, this was in September 1969, I was on her at the time aged 19. One thing I find interesting is, this was the first RN ship that I was drafted to and she was launched in July (or born ) 1950 and that's just five months after I was born (5th February 1950 ) So in September 1969 she was just 19 years old and so was I. Sadly in 1972 she had to die (be broken up ) at the age of 22 I really miss that ship and it's great to see pictures of her on the D-Boats web site.
HMS Defender


I hope this attachment may be of some importance to the 'D-Boats web site, it's the latest Defender newsletter sent to me by Commander Nick Boyle.
Oh and by the way, Happy Christmas.
Best regards, Des.

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Meet Harry’s Arctic Heroes
Waterstone’s in Yeovil is joining forces with The Fleet Air Arm Museum to present the stars of the recent TV documentary ‘Harry’s Arctic Heroes’.
Arctic Heroes
The series focused on the charity, ‘Walking with the Wounded’, and it’s member's aim to be the first team of unsupported war-wounded amputees to reach the Geographical North Pole. They were accompanied for part of their trek by the expedition patron, Prince Harry. Their goal being to raise over £2m to re-train and re-skill wounded servicemen and women from the British Armed Forces. They are also in training for their next challenge – climbing Everest.

Simon Daglish – WWTW founder and North Pole Expedition Team member (you saw him in the tv doc), Martin Hewitt – Injured soldier and North Pole Expedition Team member (you saw him in the tv doc) and Francis Atkinson – Injured soldier and Everest Expedition Team member (this is happening in 2012 but they’re already in training) will be talking about and signing copies of the book at The Fleet Air Arm Museum (under Concorde!) on Saturday 19th November.

As we are expecting the event to be popular there will be 2 talks one starting at 3.30pm and one at 6.30pm. Tickets are £5 * and available from Waterstone's Bookshop on 01935 479832
*Ticket price does not include entry to the museum
Book Cover

Magazine/Newsletter Editor
The 2011 Reunion and A.G.M. was held at H.M.S. Nelson Portsmouth On Saturday 2nd July I am pleased to announce that we have a volunteer for the post of Magazine and Newsletter Editor.
She is Clare Tolmie-Jackson (daughter of Derek Tolmie) and can be contacted by email on newsletter@d-boats.co.uk
Or by post at 26 Trent Walk Daventry Northants NN11 4QF
I stress that she needs our support to follow in Nobby Clark`s footsteps so please forward articles of news or sea stories and helpful anecdotes to her as quickly as possible.
Thanks for your help and a particular thanks to Clare for taking this on.

Bernard Berry

D Boat Reunion - Visit to BAE Systems – QE class Aircraft Carrier Project

D-Boaters trying to look intelligent
The saying goes “The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray.” And so they did on the morning of Friday 1st July when a group of D Boat Association members waited for a visit to the BAE Systems in Portsmouth naval base. At the appointed time of 1000 the group mustered at the new Trafalgar Gate, signed in as visitors, and waited for their guide. At 1030 they were still there, waiting.
Several phone calls to the contact numbers were unobtainable or resulted in recorded messages on voice mail. In the end a call to Mike Smith managed to get things moving and after mustering up all available spare seats in cars the group finally arrived at their destination at 1100. Already waiting there were other members of the group.
The twenty strong group were then welcomed with coffee and given a presentation on BAE Systems involvement with the building of the two new aircraft carriers of the Queen Elizabeth class. Together with Babcocks and Thales they have some 10,000 people employed on the project in six main sites at Govan in Glasgow, Portsmouth, Appledore, Rosyth, Merseyside and Newcastle. Each contractor is working on sections of the hull which will then be transported to Rosyth for assembly in the modernised dock there
Under construction at Portsmouth is Lower Block 02 comprising of five ‘rings’ which are then consolidated into one unit. The bow section is already at Rosyth; Lower Block 02 will be the next unit; and these two will be followed by Lower Block 3 currently under construction at Govan. The module containing the rudder systems is being built at Portsmouth, as is also one of the island sections.
The lower sections now being built are limited to the lower five or six decks of the ship due to height restrictions within the building sheds. Only when the lower hull has been completed at Rosyth will the upper decks and the flight deck be added.
Kitted out with hard hats, protective goggles and ear plugs the group was divided into two and then shown around the construction site.
As one who had peviously served in two aircraft carriers, the Warrior in 1956/57 and the Bulwark in 1961/62, I was simply amazed at the sight of what I was seeing. And this was only the for’rard lower section only five decks deep. Queen Elizabeth is projected at 65,000 tonnes. It will dwarf the three Invincible’s.
After the tour we returned to the office used for the presentation for a question and answer session.
I will close with another saying : “Every picture is worth a thousand words.” The July edition of Navy News, pages 30 and 31, contain an article and pictures which show the complexity of this mammoth shipbuilding programme.
Where did the best laid plans go astray ?? We do not know. The slight delay did not spoil a very enjoyable and informative visit.

Dave Wright

Roy Cragg remembers Nobby Clark
Nobby's Funeral
Nobby's Funeral
Nobby's Funeral
The Funeral
Daughters Allison and Debbie
Nobby Clark
Nobby's Funeral
Nobby's Funeral
Nobby's Funeral
Roy Cragg, Nobby Clark and Mike Smith on Mike's Cabin Cruiser

Nobby Clark's Funeral 6 May 2011
Nobby's Funeral
Nobby's Funeral
Nobby's Funeral
Nobby's Funeral
Nobby's Funeral
Nobby's Funeral
The funeral of our departed Vice Chairman `Nobby` Clark
which was well supported by a large contingent of `D-Boaters`,
RN Postal service and RNA members.
The Kings Lynn Crematorium Chapel was packed to overflowing,
every seat and square inch of floor space was occupied.
He was well thought of and will be sadly missed
Nobby's Funeral
Report submitted by Bernard Berry

Part of a letter sent in by Tony and Danny Hayward
sons of Pete Hayward

Firstly apologies for the extremely long delay in sending this copy of the HMS Defender 1959-60 Year Book (Dad's listed on page 56: - Electricians LEM P.A. Hayward). There are two reasons for the delay; - Firstly I was hoping to uncover the green 1964-65 Year Book for Defender that Dad also owns from his second stint on Defender as PO Elect. Secondly, I was made redundant and therefore my priorities had to change by necessity. Luckily for me, a job was more forthcoming than the elusive second Year Book!
The 0l' Man or as people will insist on calling him `Pete', is a lot healthier these days and isn't too far off making a few visits. My brother Tony and I are hoping to get him to Chatham one of these days, so that he can substantiate some of these tall stories that we've had to suffer over the years.
Dad isn't PC friendly, but he'd love to hear from some of his old shipmates such as `hobby' Clarke, I know that he's in contact with 'Slinger' Woods. He'd be eternally grateful if anyone could tell him of the whereabouts of one 'Whacker' Payne, Quartermaster. He did try to contact Dad back in the 1970's but was the proverbial 'three-sheets' and got short shrift from the Mother-In-Law Nora Riley. Dad can be contacted by phone (01202) 468409 or write to him at: -Mr P A Hayward, 134 Millfield, Creekmoor, Poole, Dorset BH17 7XG.
Ill health prevented us taking Dad to McGovern to see the new Defender launched, but he's looking forward to visiting her when she comes to Portsmouth; he's asked Tony and myself to take a day off work to go down there for her public viewing. I don't know what the time-scale is on that, but his Lordship keeps insisting that it'll be October this year, so the Clairvoyance classes might've paid off after all -just not down at the betting office eh Dad?

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