The "D" Boats Association Constitution.

The Association shall be known as THE D BOATS ASSOCIATION and its membership shall consist of any person on any of the Royal Naval ships of the World War II Defender Class or the post World War II Daring Class Destroyers and to include Type 45 Destroyers, regardless of rank or rating.


a. To bring together in mutual friendship those who served in HM ships of the Defender, Daring and Type 45 Class Destroyers. To foster comradeship and perpetuate the memory of the ships in which they served.

b. To support each other as necessary providing all possible help to members.

c. To compile a central record of all members and the ships in which they served.

d. To keep members in contact with each other by means of newsletters, meetings and social occasions.

e. To maintain links with the Royal Navy and other appropriate organisations.


a. Full Membership shall consist of those who served in the D Boats irrespective of rank or rating. Wives/Partners of members may be deemed to be full members.

b. On the demise of a member their Wife/Partner may, if they so wish continue the membership.

c. A Member of the Association who pays the Single rate of Subscription but brings the Wife/Partner to the Reunion event must pay Joint Membership subscription. (AGM 7/7/07)

d. Members of the Association shall be restricted to two guests only for each Reunion Event (AGM 7/7/07).

e. Associate Membership may be granted at the discretion of the Committee to persons who have demonstrated their support for the Association and its aims and objectives.

f. Life Membership may be granted to persons who have shown outstanding support for the Association over a period of time. Such persons shall be nominated and seconded by Members of the Association, approved by the Committee and duly elected by the Membership. Life Members will not be required to pay subscriptions.


a. If any member fails to pay his/her annual subscription within 3 months of it falling due, not withstanding reminders his membership shall be terminated without further notice.

b. If any member disregards any requirements placed upon him by this Constitution or conducts himself/herself in a manner detrimental to the interests of the Association his/her membership may be revoked by the Committee who will meet as considered necessary to consider this matter. The person concerned will be notified of the said meeting and may, if he/she so wishes makes his/her own case to the Committee in person.


a. Affiliations may be formed as seen fit for the betterment of the Association and its members and will normally be operational ships of the "D"Class, Royal Naval Shore establishments and other associations that may exist of other D Boats.

b. Currently an affiliation exists with the Warrant Officers, Senior Rates and SNCO’s Mess HMS Nelson, Portsmouth.


Each full and associated member shall pay an Annual Membership Subscription. The amount of the annual subscription for both full and associate members shall be determined on the recommendation of the Committee by a simple majority at an Annual General Meeting held at the time of the Annual Re-union.

Any change to the Annual subscription shall take effect from the anniversary or date that a subscription is due.


The Management of the Association shall be entrusted to the OFFICERS OF THE ASSOCIATION and shall comprise:-

a. A President who shall be nominated and accepted by the Committee and members to serve an undefined period of time dependant of circumstances. He shall be a stalwart supporter of the Association and preferably a serving or ex serving member of the Royal Navy.

b. A Chairman who shall be a full member and elected by the Membership.

c. The Committee shall consist of a Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Stores/Welfare officer, News Letter Editor and a working committee of a minimum of two elected members.

d. The Committee will meet as and when required.

e. As from the year 2011 AGM with the exception of the Newsletter Editor the Officers of the association as shown in sub paragraph a). shall on alternative years retire at the AGM but will be eligible for immediate re-election.

a). Year one (2011) - Vice Chairman - Treasurer - Membership Secretary - Committee Members.

b). Year two (2012) - Secretary - Stores/Welfare Officer - Standard Bearer - Committee Members.

f. A Patron, who need not be a member, may be appointed with the general consensus of the Membership after prior consultation by the Committee.


a. There shall be an Annual Re-union and Annual General Meeting held, subject to the approval of the Commanding Officer and Mess President.  Venue to be proposed and voted by the membership.

b. Any item for the Agenda of the AGM is to be sponsored and seconded by Full Members and submitted to the Secretary a minimum of 7 days prior to the meeting.


This Constitution may only be changed by a simple vote by the members if the matter arises at the AGM. Alternatively respecting the geographical dispersion of the members a postal ballot may be arranged by the Chairman and Committee should the nature of the change proposed warrant immediate action. The ballot shall be carried out over a 28 day period.


If at any AGM a Resolution for the dissolution of the Association shall be passed by the majority of the members present the procedure shall be as follows:-

a. A special postal vote scheduled to close not less than eight weeks after the AGM (of which at least 4 weeks written notice shall be given to each Member) will be initiated. If the Resolution to Dissolve the Association is confirmed by a simple majority of those members who choose to participate in the postal vote, the Committee shall thereupon, or at a future date specified in the Resolution proceed to realise the property and asserts of the Association and, after discharge of all liabilities, shall in its discretion:-

a. Divide the balance of the same among Full Members, or:-

b. Donate the balance to an appropriate Naval Charity of their choice as may be indicated by the result of the postal vote on this issue.

c. Any remaining property of the Association shall be offered to an appropriate Museum or other similar body as the Committee may decide for future custody.

d. Upon completion of such dispositions the Association shall be dissolved.


The Committee is hereby empowered to issue a set of Rules of the Association which are to provide guidance to the Membership on the detailed implementation of the Constitution, and on other administrative procedures which will allow the routine business of the Association to proceed smoothly.

These Rules are to be updated annually with the Committee approval.


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