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Christmas Lunch December 2010
Xmas 2010Xmas 2010Xmas 2010
L to R Jo Smith, Jack Bowen, Bill Guyan, Joan Guyan
Mike Smith, Jack Bowen
Nobby Clark, Barbara Barnard
Left - Ted Ferris, David Wright, Ethel Pallett, Cliff Driver
Mike Pallett, Mike Smith
Right - Janet Myhill, David Myhill, Brenda Wright
Mary Driver, Ken Thomas, June Thomas
Xmas 2010Xmas 2010Xmas 2010
Pictures submitted by Mike Smith

Padre Poll

D Boats Padre Martin Poll has now been appointed as Archhdeacon for the Royal Navy and Principle Anglian Chaplin.

Item submitted by Mike Smith

Information Submitted By BERNIE WORRELL (ex CPOSA)

I wondered if you could have this web page link inserted into the next issue of our magazine. It's to do with the change in the link to Retail Price Index http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/protect-our-military-pensions/
Also another good link is to The Forces Pension Society http://www.forcespensionsociety.org/ which if you visit will show how we are being seen off in so many ways. For instance I never realised, until just recently, that as I remarried after leaving the navy in 1973 my wife will not be entitled to a widows pension. This applies to all who left before 1978 and any one leaving between 78 and 99 their wives would only receive reduced pensions.
Another thing is that I was always under the impression that the Forces pension was non-contributory, apparently not, we paid for our pension by 'Abatement' of our yearly pay increases. This meant that no record was shown on our pay sheets as to the amount we had been paying and when our pensions were calculated, on the day we left the service, no account was taken of the amount that had been stopped by 'Abatement'. Consequently we are continuing to pay for our pension whilst we are retired. I wonder how they will manage to rip off people leaving the service these days and in the future.


Please see attached the first issue of HMS DEFENDER’s newsletter which I hope you will find interesting.
Feedback is welcome and any mistakes are mine alone.

Button Click here to view DEFENDER NEWSLETTER ISSUE 1 (442kb) in format


Dear Mr Smith - The attack on HMS Daring (H16) by Otto Kretschmer, 1940

I forward this letter in the hope that members of your, association may be able to assist me with my endeavours. I am naval & maritime historian currently engaged in writing Devil's Gambit: The deadly patrols of Kretschmer, Prien and Schepke, a study of the war at sea in the opening months of war.
When HMS Daring was sunk on 18 February 1940 by U-23 (Kapitanleutnant Otto Kretschmer) she was an early casualty of a little known bet between three of the German submarine fleet's most experienced commanders. In August 1939 Otto Kretschmer,.Gunther Prien and Joachim Schepke bet each other that they could steal the crown of the Great War submarine ace Lothar vin Arnauld del la Periere. By the end of March 1941 over 700,000 tons of allied shipping lay at the bottom of the ocean and some 1,000 merchant and RN sailors were dead. Prien had sunk HMS Royal Oak at Scapa Flow and Kretshmer had `bagged' Daring as well as the three Armed Merchant Cruisers Patroclus, Laurentic and Forfar.
Of course, these three commanders were victims of their own success and the RN set out to catch them by whatever means necessary. By mid-March 1941 Prien and Schepke were dead and Kretschmer had been captured off Iceland and spent the remainder of the war in Canada as a PoW.
I am most eager to know whether any members of the D-class Association ever served in Daring. I know that only five men survived her destruction in February 1940 and would presume that these men would no longer be with us, if this is not the case I should be most grateful for your members assistance in ensuring that this section of the work is as accurate as possible.
NB: Whilst writing to you I was recently asked to participate in a study of the Evacuation of Singapore in 1942. As I am sure you know there were a number of D-class ships involved in the naval campaign in the Far East, 1941-42. Would you be aware of any members of the D-class Association with connections to HM Ships Dragon and Danae? I have if interested some original signals despatched between the Dragon and Danae as they left Singaporean waters for the last time.

Mr Robert Hughes Mullock, Editor of The Review, 'Cymanwlad', 48 Trem Arfon, Llanrwst, Co. Conwy LL26 OBP

Dear Mike & Nobby
Dauntless Commissioning Ceremony
Very many thanks for the opportunity to represent 'D' Boats Association at the above'mentioned ceremony. I had a great and, at times hilarious, day in company of two "Duchesses" namely, "Brum" Durber and Tony Charles, who were quite happy to put up with a Devonport Rating. I thought it good manners to write thanking the Captain for the invitation and a copy is enclosed for your information.
Thanks once again, Yours Aye, DW
Dear Captain Powell
H.M.S. Dauntless, Commissioning Ceremony
Thank you for the invitation to the above mentioned ceremony. I had the honour and privilege to attend as a representative of the 'D' Boats Association, who, as you are aware, follow keenly the progress of the new generation of Darings. I remember well how proud I was to board my ship, H.M.S. Diana, for the first time. She was then, as Dauntless is now, the newest Warship in the Fleet. Dauntless is awesome and is visible proof that this country of ours can still build decent Warships. She looked ready for sea and to undertake her "business in great waters" and to indicate her presence to those "other Naval powers". The pride of everyone present was palpable. The smartness of the ship's company was most impressive and showed that the future of this country is in good hands.
In closing I would like to mention the young rating (do they use that term now?), who I believe was duty watch and so obligingly showed me over this magnificent Warship. He was informative, friendly and obviously proud of his ship. I think his name was Jamie, but I see from the muster there are a number answering to that name. To him my appreciation and thanks once again, and thanks to you all for a memorable day. I shall follow Dauntless' future progress with great interest.
Yours Aye, David Williams - H.M.S. Diana 1954/56

On Monday 31st May 2010 Channel 4 will broadcast a 1½ hour programme entitled 'Building Britain's Ultimate Warship'. The Radio Times introduction is as follows:-
HMS Daring is the first new destroyer built in the UK since 1985 and represents a quantum leap forward in naval technology. This documentary captures the entire process of construction in 2004 to testing and using the new weapons systems at sea. Interviews with naval experts, engineers and captains help convey the sense of scale and importance involved, before the dramatic launch in Glasgow.
Michael Anderton - Webmaster.


Following the success of the 'National' Armed Forces Day event held in Chatham in 2009, The Historic Dockyard Chatham will once again host an Armed Forces Day event on Sunday 27th June 2010. With 2010 being the 150th Anniversary of the Cadet Forces the day will also form part of the Cadet 150 celebrations. All Veterans of the UK Armed Forces and Merchant Navy, all currently serving members of the UK Armed Forces and the Cadet Forces and former workers of Chatham Dockyard up to its 1984 closure are invited to attend this event.
This special day will feature a commemorative Church Service, Veterans Parade and a Veterans Re-union Area. We are pleased to confirm that the Salute at this year's parade will be taken by the Viscount Lord De L'Isle MBE DL, a veteran of the Grenadier Guards and Honorary Colonel of the Kent Army Cadet Force.
There will also be a series of displays and activities presented by the Cadet elements of the Armed Forces and Ex-Services Charities, as well as all the award-winning attractions of The Historic Dockyard itself.
Chatham Armed Forces Day will be brought to a close by an Evening Colours ceremony that will feature a musical display by the City of Rochester Pipe Band.

Ticket allocations are by Application Form only. Forms may also be downloaded from our website at www.thedockyard.co.uk or can be obtained from our offices by phoning 01634-823821.

The main items detailed on the Application Form are:
1. Entrance Tickets. One FREE to each bone-fide Veteran & Armed Forces/Cadet Forces member. (Veteran includes ALL former staff of Chatham Dockyard)
2. Veterans/Armed Forces Guests. Each Veteran or Member of the Armed Forces/Cadet Forces may purchase up to FIVE 'Veterans/Armed Forces Guest' Tickets at the much reduced price of £8.50 each. (RegularAdult Price - £13.50)
3. Church Service. Space is limited so all seats must be applied for.

The Application Form must be returned to the Armed Forces Day Office no later then Friday 11th June.
Armed Forces Day Flag


Great Yarmouth will formally tie the affiliation knot with the Royal Navy's newest and most powerful warship in a brief but important ceremony next month.
Officials hope it is only the start of a long-term bond with HMS Dauntless which aims to forge links with local schools, football teams and. organisations - as well as the city of Newcastle, which has already sealed its connection.
Presiding over the adoption will be the first duty of new mayor Michael Jeal, just moments after taking up office on May 17. Civic events officer at Yarmouth Borough Council Laura Goodman said the invitation-only ceremony ahead of the air defence destroyer's commissioning in Portsmouth on June 3 would pave the way for public pageantry and involvement.
Hopes are high the ship will set a course for the town's new outer harbour in the summer when the community is expected to give the formidable ship and crew a warm welcome.
And if the ship cannot make it for the Maritime Festival in September the captain - who has family in Wroxham - will send representatives of the 190-strong crew, so the vessel has a presence.
Sailing under the motto Nil Desperandum or Never Despair the Type 45 destroyer replacing the 1960s-designed Type 42 is undergoing sea trials and is the second of a potential fleet of eight.

Eastern Daily Press, Monday, April 26, 2010

The 3 Bears
D Boats Association Meets the Bentley Comrades

On Friday 23 April (St. George's Day) Members of the D Boats Association had lunch with members of the Bentley Comrades.

Bernard Berry is a member of Bentley Comrades, a small group of ex service personnel that meet monthly in Bentley, Suffolk to view films, chat, have a bit of refreshment and a chin wag etc. Bernard had invited Mike Smith over for the day to meet Mike Anderton (D Boats Association Webmaster) and another of the Comrades, together with their ladies, to an enjoyable lunch at the Holbrook Compasses. After lunch, Mike Smith and Bernard went on to view the old HMS Ganges site, unfortunately now rather neglected.

Pictured l to r - Michael Anderton, Bernard Berry and Mike Smith.

PICK YOUR OWN CAPTION - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. The Three Wise Monkeys. The Three Amigos. The Three Bears. Faith Hope and Charity.

I am researching (on behalf of Dr. Cindy McCreery of the Department of History, University of Sydney, Australia) the world voyages of H.M.S Galatea, the first 1867-68 and the second late 1868-1871, when the ship was under the command of H.R.H Prince Alfred. We would be very pleased to learn of any relevant material in your collections, e.g. documents, correspondence, diaries, photographs, souvenirs and/or any other memorabilia from the ship, the voyages and the men on board.
Any material that sheds further light on the experiences of those on board, or indeed the responses of local people to the ship and its voyages, would be most helpful.
Thank you very much, in advance, for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards.
Ellen Gill, Doctoral Student, Department of History, University of Sydney, Australia.
E mail to: ellen.gill@sydney.edu.au

Bargain Hunt
Mike Smith (Association Secretary) and Jo Smith (Association Treasurer)

appeared on BBC1 Bargain Hunt

On Friday 5th February 2010
Bargain Hunt

Joe Erskine, a Member of the Federation of Naval Associations, has asked that this item be posted on the D Boats website.
Please click on this link to view the item - Do you remember the Sods Operas? (Word 20kb)
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Nobby Clark's report in Assn. Christmas magazine
At 7-30am on the 20th October I left home to travel to Glasgow by train. The journey began with a typical down pour as I caught the ferry across the Great River Ouse on the start of my journey. So soaking wet I arrived at Kings Lynn station in time for the 8-27 train. After 3 changes en route I arrived at Glasgow Central at 1440 on a equally wet and wind swept day. I have to say the journey with the changes went really well and was comfortable. I had never been to Glasgow before which was to prove to be a moment of panic later on in my stay.

At this point I would recommend to you that if you are to travel by train and know sometime in advance and are computer literate, then you book your tickets via trainline.com. The return journey to Glasgow cost me £41-30p. All the seats were reserved for me without extra cost and all you must keep to is the travel plan of connections.

On arrival at the Swallow hotel and having booked in I went to the bar to see who else from “D” Boats had arrived. The bar was full to bursting at the seams with Rangers Fans as that night was a big night for the Team. The first person to arrive was Bungie Williams who had flown up to the event. Suddenly all went quite in the bar as if by magic the Rangers fans left and what remained was the two of us and a mountain of empty bottles, glasses and the like. Gradually as time progressed Derek & Clare Tolmie arrived and Tony Bramwell . Norman popped in to say hello he was staying at a different hotel to us but was to meet us the following morning with Geoff McKenzie and family. All of us were feeling the travelling bit a bit tiring so after a bit of lamp swinging we retired for a good nights sleep.

The morning of the launch day arrived and so did ship mates Sharky and Pat Ward, followed by Trevor Morris all of who had travelled up early that day. Norman joined us for travelling to the BVT Yard and the launch and told us that Geoff McKenzie was not feeling at all good so his family would not be coming with us. At that time our thoughts also went out to Jim Mumford – Phil Hardy – Tony & Julie Parker who had been unable to make it for one reason or another.

The day was over cast and the forecast was for rain which thankfully except for a few spots didn’t happen. At around Mid day this intrepid group gathered all smartly dressed to go to BVT ship yards. On arrival at the yards we queued to gain access with a whole range of different school groups and the public in general. There was a real carnival atmosphere. As we entered we gathered balloons – Shields and cutlass made out of a type of foam rubber with the Defender crest on it as well as other goodies. It seemed to us that the whole of Glasgow had turned out for the launching.

In front of us sat “Defender” D32 in all its splendour. On one side was a huge TV screen which showed the gathered crowds and the ceremonial parts of the occasion. Lady Sarah Massey the wife of Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Alan Massey arrived to launch “Defender”. Having given her short speech she broke a bottle of champagne across Defenders bow and for what seemed a very long pause the ship never moved. Lady Massey laughingly pushed on the bow and at last Defender was on the move in a cascade of noise and movement as balloons soared skyward and crescents of bright lights as firework rockets soared up into the sky in brilliance of colours and shapes. The crowd were cheering and the Royal Marine band was playing Defender slide down the slipway and into the Clyde. It was an occasion not to be missed.

As a group we returned to the hotel and had a tot or two before (Photo above taken of Defender shown on big TV Screen) leaving the hotel for a meal. Prior to finishing off in the bar for a further few drinks. Having had an enjoyable day we went to our beds as some of us had an early departure the following day. I left early the next morning after having my breakfast in the company of Bungie Williams to catch my train which was the 0830 from the railway station. Some of you will know that I tend to through the columns of this magazine take the gentle mickey out of whoever comes within the firing line. Well guys the last laugh is really on me. On getting my Taxi I said to the driver that I wanted Glasgow central. I arrived at 7-55 in plenty of time for the train. I kept looking at the indicator board for the 8-30 to Edinburgh Waverly but it did not appear. At 8-10 I wandered across the station to where a Ticket Inspector was on the gate. I said have I got the right platforms for the 8-30 Edinburgh Waverly train. ”Och No” he said you need Queen Street Station. Its 15 minutes walk away. Before he could say anything else I was out of the station and climbing in a fast black taxi going to Queen Street Station. I arrived and got the right platform and on the train as the guards whistle blew and the train drew out of the station.

I just hadn’t thought about there being another Main Line Station. I don’t know why but it certainly caused me to sweat a bit.

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