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bargain hunt
Mike Smith's report in Assn. Christmas magazine

Just coming down to earth after Jo & myself had two days of filming on BBC1 Bargain Hunt (This is broadcast on TV at 1230 week days). First day of filming 0800—1700 was at Peterborough East of England Showground collectors fair where we were given £300 and a nice expert who was Charles Hanson to go and buy three items.
About a month later the BBC put us up in a very nice hotel in Grantham and after a 0600 breakfast we started filming at 0730 at Golding Young Auction house “ With Colin Young” taking the Auction. We made £25 overall which we sent that off to Help for Heroes.
I must say that Tim Wonnacote was very good and said a lot about our Museum although I did have a job to show off the D Boats badge but got there in the end. The programme they think will be going out about February next year so we will let as many of you know as soon as possible when it does so you can see me making a prat of myself.

Christmas Lunch 9 December 2009
Xmas 09
Xmas 09
Xmas 09
Xmas 09
Xmas 09
Xmas 09
Xmas 09
Xmas 09

Wednesday 9th December 24 East Anglia `D`Boat members mustered for a Christmas lunch "get together" at the Olde Barn restaurant near Wisbech Cambs. A very nice meal and banter was had by all and included Mack`s 70th birthday celebration, as you can see by the `special` birthday cake he received. Also you may notice that Mike Smith had to have A sign to remind him what his name is!!!

Report sent in by Bernard Berry

unknown badge
Mike Smith (Association Secretary) has been asked if he can identify this badge.
It is displayed here in the hope that someone knows something about it?

If you can help, please contact Mike Smith or post an entry on the Guestbook.
unknown badge

There are four tickets availiable to `D`Boat members to attend the launching of HMS Defender, the latest type 45, that will take place in Glasgow on the 21st October 2009. Anyone interested please contact Mike Smith at enquiries@d-boats.co.uk or on his home phone number which all members have.

Sausage and Mash Sunday 16th August 2009
Sausage and Mash
Sausage and Mash
Sausage and Mash
Sausage and Mash

Wall to wall sunshine and a cloudless blue sky could not have been better. A good crowd of 71 attended being a mix of D Boats, Ton Class and RNA. Everybody mixed in and greeted Michael Pitcher the Mayor of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council with a tot of pussers rum. He then cut the ribbon to officially open the new Marshland Maritime Museum building. At the end of the day he was piped ashore in naval tradition. With all monies collected put togther we made £880 which will be split equally between Help for Heroes and the museum. Thank you to our members who attended and contributed in any way, especially Elizabeth Berry and Ada Cragg who made endless cups of tea and washed up at the end of the day

Report sent in by Jo Smith - D Boats Assn. Treasurer


The first of the Type 45s is commissioned

Four of our D Boats Association members received a late, last minute invitation to this ceremony that took place on Thursday 23 July 2009.
Click here to see some pictures of the event

Report sent in by Bernard Berry
(Info. from Mike Smith)



D boats Association 27th Reunion at Portsmouth
4 July 2009

We hope you all enjoyed the reunion weekend as much as we did. The weather was reasonably kind except the drizzle at the Southsea Cenotaph during the Saturday morning service although that was ‘drowned out’ by the noisy Paras performing on the common behind us. Even the Padre made comment about Paras and noise!
It was good to see so many D Boaters on parade back at the barracks for the march past and salute. What a smart bunch we all looked, well done!
Soapy Watson has produced a video and a small section is available by clicking here (2.6 mb - 1 min 22 secs). There are also some photographs that Elizabeth and I took on PHOTO PAGE 10. If anyone has more please submit them to the webmaster for inclusion.
The dinner and evening ‘do’ went very well and again I think everyone enjoyed it. A big well done to Mike, Jo and Nobby particularly for their hard work and organisation.
We new committee members got involved in selling raffle tickets, ‘cocked it up’ and we had to go round again to change everyone’s tickets, but all was well in the end. Thanks to all for the generous donation of prizes (150 in all). The proceeds helped to subsidise the costs of the reunion.

Report sent in by Bernard and Elizabeth Berry

March on

Eastern Daily Press report 21 May 2009 - Marshland Maritme Museum Doubles in Size
More people will be able to experience an extraordinary collection that chronicles the long naval history of Britain, after the Marshland Maritime Museum has doubled in size. Ex-naval man Mike Smith and his wife Jo, who own and curate the fenland museum, have built a second bungalow in the garden of their Clenchwarton home to accommodate their growing collection of naval artefacts and enable more visitors to see their collection. Two rooms are packed to the ceiling with maritime history and the displays include old uniforms, model ships, crests, bottles of rum and magazines and books. Visitors can use an old ship's telephone and ring a bell. “It's like being back in the navy”, he said. “It is history. Items like this must have taken months to make.” “We want to get more schools in. They need to know history, where they came from and what life was like before they were born. If it wasn't for the people who were on these ships we wouldn't be here. They do not realise how many thousands and thousands of men were in the services. School children are so interested, but schools don't have time to teach them these things.” The pair started the Marshland Maritime Museum five years ago, after spending 27 years collecting. Visitors are given a cup of tea or coffee by Mrs Smith and they charge no entry fee, only accepting donations towards the upkeep. Many of the exhibits from the original part of the museum have been moved into the new area. A model of Nelson's HMS Victory, which was the flagship of the Battle of Trafalgar, has been added to the collection. A former admiral also donated his uniform, which is shown in the new display.

HMS Daring
Report sent in by Dick Clarke

What a coincidence! I was reading the latest D Boats magazine and came across Mike Smith's report on a day at sea on Daring, May 5. I was a guest of the RN Diving Medical Branch that day. It started out with a trip up the spinnaker tower. While we were up there we saw Daring leave the harbour (photo left). Earlier the Illustrious departed (photo right)!
Small world!

(See Photo Page 9 link for more pictures - Webmaster)
HMS Illustrious

Is this how I remember Tot Time?
(Picture submitted by Bernard Berry)
tot time

On Tuesday 17th March 2009 Members of The Royal Naval Association Ely Branch
visited the Marshland Maritime Museum
(Picture submitted by Keith Norton)
Museum Extension update: -

Wednesday 18th March 2009 - Exterior completed
Thursday 19th March 2009 - Roof completed
Friday 20th March 2009 - Electrics completed

Info. from Mike Smith

Mike Smith has joined the Naval Collectors and Research Association and wonders if anybody wants to reserach any historical naval subjects, this association can assist.

Contact Mike Smith the D-Boats Association Secretary
or by Email to enquiries@d-boats.co.uk
Car Sticker
Car Stickers self adhesive
200 x 60 mm. 50p each
Available from Mike Smith

Clenchwarton 1 Clenchwarton 2 Clenchwarton 3 Clenchwarton 4 Clenchwarton 5
To view click on the thumbnails (left)
MUSEUM: Mike and Jo have had many small groups of children from local primary schools to look round the Marshlands Maritime Museum and usually receive a nice thank you letter from the school concerned. Recently the Clenchwarton Primary pupils produced their own thank you posters, some of which are posted here. They obviously thoroughly enjoyed their visit and took on board more "important" facts.
A great "well done" to Mike and Jo Smith

(Submitted by Bernard and Elizabeth Berry)

Mike Smith attended a meeting of several groups of Naval Associations
at Hayling Island on 6 - 9 February 2009.
During this meeting he put in a bid for some of the Raffle prize fund
and was given £71 which he has donated to the Help for Heroes.
A copy of their letter is attached.
Click here or on the letter (right) to view
Button Help 4 Heroes Letter

format (90kb)
Help 4 Heroes Letter

Martin McClure, the National Lottery Drawmaster, who is a good supporter of the D Boats Association, carries out the Grand Raffle Draw at the Mini reunion. Martin promises to wear his new 'D Boats' tie on the Lottery Draw of the 20th September.
Watch out for it.
(Submitted by Bernard Berry)

The Mini Reunion was held on Sunday 31st August 2008 at the Marshland Maritime Museum all in support of the Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre and raised nearly £900. Well done to Mike and Jo Smith and special thanks to all who attended for their generous donations and support.
(Submitted by Bernard Berry)
Picture 8 Picture 13 Picture 14
Picture 15 Picture 16 Picture 17 Picture 18

In the museumMike Smith (Association Secretary) and Michael Anderton (D Boats webmaster) met for the first time on Friday 22nd August 2008. Here they discuss the finer points of producing the new website and the contents of the museum.
(Picture submitted by Bernard Berry)

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